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ComfyMC Website and Announcements
Started by Ender

21 Aug 2023
Last Seen
11 Sep 2023


Hello everybody, and welcome to the new ComfyMC website!


I have recently acquired ownership of ComfyMC from Downsurge and decided to first focus on bringing life back to the server and player base. It may be slow to start but I am confident that as time moves on we will bring life back into a server that we have all come to love. I thought it would be a good idea to announce some things that are coming to the server over the next few months..

First, I want to address the change in ownership. It will be better for the future of the server to have a more attentive owner that has time to spare for the server. I plan on spending multiple hours everyday working on the server and forums. The reason that releasing a new website was one of the first things I did is because I want players to have an easy way of communication with each other and staff members. Submitting suggestions, reports, and staff applications will be easy and responded to quickly. There will be more added to the website and things may change over time to make the site a convenient area for members to refer back to.

There have been many request's in the past for staff to start advertising the server again, over the next few weeks staff and I will be researching and finding good ways to advertise the server to bring some traffic back to the server. We also plan on bringing back the event server soon and start doing event's unfortunately we will not be doing them monthly like they were done when the server first started up but more around holidays or crate themes.

People have also asked about the server updating to 1.20, I can assure that we will update hopefully in the next few weeks providing there aren't any extra issues that pop up like they did the last time the update was attempted. Also in regards to those issues as a result of that last attempt, if your MCMMO levels on blue or Custom Enchants on Purple are broken or greyed out please let staff know or open a ticket on discord so that staff can fix the broken items.


New Server Mascot!

One of our major changes is in our branding. Everyone welcome our new mascot Panda the Cat! He will be the face of Comfy MC so any posts or advertising in the future will have our happy boy. Panda was created by ComfyMC's own Admin Hollow


New Crate Release!

Dragon Crate

Being the dragon obsessed person i am decided that now was the BEST time to do a dragon crate, like honestly what's not to love about dragons, they are perfect.

In the dragon crate we have some of the following items:


  • Wyvern Helm
    - Night Vision Potion Effect
    - Fire Resistance Potion Effect
    - Mending
    - Protection 8
    - Unbreaking 7
  • Wyvern Wings
    - 50% Speed
    - 3+ Max Health
    - 3+ Armor
    - 3+ Luck
    - Unbreakable
  • Wyvern Legs
    - Damage Resistance Potion Effect
    - 3+ Luck
    - 3+ Armor
  • Wyvern Boots
    - 30% Speed
    - 3+ Max Health
  • Ender Dragon Disguise
  • Amphiptetre Scythe
    - Fire Aspect 5
    - Knockback 10
    - Sharpness 10
    - Unbreaking 8
  • Dragon Pickaxe
    - Fortune 8
    - Efficiency 8
    - Unbreaking 8
    - Sharpness 8
  • Pixiu Sword
    - Knockback 8
    - Sharpness 8
    - Sweeping Edge 8
    - 3+ Luck
  • And more


Store Sale!

I also decided that with the release of the new website and crate that it was also an end of Summer Sale, The sale is for 75% off of everything.

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