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ImaHorse333's Playerwarps
Started by ImaHorse333

11 Nov 2023
Last Seen
11 Nov 2023

[/pw Horse]: A shop made with the intention to make grinding for items less difficult for players for very cheap prices. While I do not have a problem with reselling, Please leave items for other players who actually need them. As life gets busier, the only thing being actively restocked currently is nether wart, but if you see me online and something you want is out of stock, let me know so I can see if I have more.

[/pw SlimeNet]: A network of 8 slime chunks. 6 are under maintenance at the moment of writing, so they may be slower. The Lime and Orange sections should be more efficient. Slimes will not immediately spawn, so make sure you have something to do while waiting for them, like scrolling through your phone, doing homework, etc.

[/pw GrindTown]: Right across from [/pw Horse], the GrindTown is a great place to farm for Gunpowder, String, Spider Eyes, Tropical fish (to breed axolotl), Bones, Meat, Glow Squid Ink*, Prismarine shards*, Prismarine Crystals*, and Froglights*.

The spider farm is pretty fast, with its six spawners, so when you are done using them, please turn the redstone lamp back on.

The skeleton farm clogs up pretty fast with bows, so if you have time, please empty them into the lava.

* Entrance behind the tropical fish farm. Area is still under construction and still being built onto, but you can still enter from the top of the glass blockade.

[/pw TTemple]: A temple dedicated to t, an old server inside joke.

ImaHorse333 · 22 days ago